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I don't want to study for Latin.

Only one more day and I'll be home. SCORE!


Homesickness (Beware the emo ramblings)

I'm kinda getting sick of Ohio. I mean I just want to be back in Virginia where everything is so much easier. Where there is NO drama. I really miss my friends back home. I guess seeing some of my friends here who have known each other for a long time and have all these stories and common memories makes me really homesick for the friends I have that with in Virginia. Also, things are different there. I don't want to say less complicated because back home is probably more complicated than here but it is complicated in a different way. Ohio just has school and boy complications, nothing really substancial like at home.

When I'm in VA I don't feel like I have to act like someone I'm not. There are no pretenses. People understand. They already know me and everything about me. I don't have to explain shit or deal with petty issues. I don't have to keep my mouth shut when I really want to talk about something because it'll bother someone else. I don't mean that I'm going to say mean things, I mean just whatever is on my mind that day I'll say it when I'm at home. I can't do that here. I'm so sick of holding back. I find it so hard to believe that now that I'm in college I'm dealing with drama that I never had to in high school. It is strange. Too strange. You'd have thought we'd have grown out of it by now. That isn't to say I am never the center of the drama, but still drama sucks nonetheless.

Also, I am so tired of alcohol and the shit that goes with it. I really am beginning to agree with Alison (an OH friend) that people shouldn't drink. I think that is why I don't do it that often. For one thing I am afraid of saying or doing something I'd regret and two, it gets old. I know when I get home my friends there want me to. I already got a lecture about it from them while they were intoxicated but I don't know if I will. I just think that there are more amusing things to do. Why does getting drunk have to equal fun?! Why is it that people have to look forward to being drunk? It is stupid. I mean I like parties but I don't necessarily have to be drunk to enjoy them.

I am not trying to imply that I don't enjoy being here or that I dislike the people here. That isn't the case. I do like it here. I just miss home.


Okay, so they are making a movie about Elizabeth Bathory aka the Blood Countess that is due to be out in 2008! Anna Friel (Hermia in Midsummer's Nights Dream & Chuck from Pushing Daises) is Elizabeth and the promo pictures I've seen have her looking just amazingly beautiful. I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!

Anyway, school is hectic and I have so much to do that I can hardly see straight. My 10 page Greek paper is due next Friday and I have barely more than a page. If I had a bunch of time to spend on it I'd be fine but I have another paper to write plus a test to study for. OMGosh just SOOO MUCH to do!!! Not to mention a certain someone *Chriscoughcough* is getting in my way too often than I'd like to admit. *le sigh* It is just so hard to stay motivated nowadays. :(

On the plus side I was asked to go to this Hhigh school Latin convention over the summer to convince high schoolers to be Classics majors. Apparently, prozacpark this'll interest you, the writer of the Age of Bronze comics is going to be there to give a speech. Should be interesting...
I was going through my photobucket because I am procrastinating (of course) on studying for my Art History exam, which I have a bunch to read for. Anyway looking through the account I've really noticed my progression in icon making. So, I figured I'd make an entry of it so as to procrastinate even more. These are all my favorite icons (either now or at the time I made them) in order from oldest to newest based on genre.

X-menCollapse )

Sailor MoonCollapse )

UtenaCollapse )
OMG! There is a bat in the library! It just circled not even 2 feet from my head!!!! How the hell did a bat get in here? It is freaking me out!


Christmas break is almost over! I am so sad; I don't want it to end. Granted I don't like working but I am so not ready to return to classes. Ick. I have 20 hours this coming quarter and I am not sure I can do it. I hope I can so I can get the classes out of the way but who knows. It might just be too much to handle with two languages and Eta Sigma Phi. Hopefully the junior composition class is a breeze and the history and art history courses don't require anything besides showing up, taking notes and then studying those notes for the exams. *crosses fingers*

Back from the "dead"

No, I’m not dead. I’ve been just very VERY busy!

Quick UpdateCollapse )

I started back at Ikea for the winter and they put me in the Restaurant! ICK! I wanted to be in the Bistro again but apparently, or at least what I was told, there are too many seasonal people returning so they put half back into the Bistro and the rest in the Restaurant. But I applied earlier than the others so why am I stuck in the Bistro away from all the fun people? Stupid Icky-a! Just need to keep reminding myself that I’m making $9.15 an hour, which is basically my mantra throughout the work day.

I have a funny/creepy story to tell about working there though. (Then again when don’t I?)


It was Saturday during breakfast and this man was in line ordering his food which I was serving and he starts talking to me. I pretended to listen and just nod my head until I caught the words “naughty” and “coal” which made me curious (it’s a flaw that curiosity of mine!) as to what exactly it is I was so politely agreeing with. Once I began to pay attention I immediately regretted it. This is basically what was said:

“I bet you’ve been a very naughty girl and will get coal for Christmas.”

“Ah, no. I’m a good girl.” I hoped that stating my goodness would stop whatever craziness would come outta him next. It didn’t. He proceeded to disagree and then say:

“I’ve been a bad boy.”

I, helplessly praying to God that this man shuts the fuck up and continues on his creepy way, say “Okay, well that’s nice. I guess you’ll get coal then.”

“Oh yeah. I’ve worked really hard at being naughty this year.”

I am soooo freaked out at this point. Especially with the nauseatingly creepy grin he is throwing my way. So, I say in hopes of ending this unnerving conversation, “Riiiiight. Have a nice day!”

He leaves.

And guess what?! He comes back the next day! Fortunately for me he wasn’t so chatty the second time around, still creepy and grinning like the Cheshire cat but not chatty.

Yup. That’s Ikea for you.


NYC trip!

I'M BACK! Classes are over, my internet is finally working at home again (thus the reason for my delay) and I'm back from NYC (another reason for my absence).

Well, NYC was AMAZING! Got to go to Central Park (LOVELY and did you know there is a castle smack dab in the middle of it?), ride on the Subway (metro is so much cleaner), see Time Square, which is magical especially at night, and do a bunch of other stuff that I adored. Also, I finally got to see Wicked as well as a bunch of other musicals. I shall now give you my reviews of them.Collapse )

I also got to see the new Greek and Roman exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of art. AMAZING! I was in awe the entire time. Classical heaven. The neatest thing in my opinion was an ancient safety pin a little smaller than my fist. It made me giggle. I will try to post some pictures soon. I think I’m going to try to get an internship there next summer. I’d love to be around that stuff everyday.

I should really get back to my homework...

My course list for Fall 2007:

Greek 311: Epic Poetry - Yup. Epic poets. Should be interesting. This is just one step closer to my Spring quater in Greece. ZOMGSOEXCITED!

Latin 211: Intermediate Latin - Meh, more Latin. My favorite Latin prof is teaching it so I'm happy.

Greek Archaeology - This one is definately my favorite of them all! :D

Inrto to World Archaeology - Becasuse I'd like to look at other places, not just Greece and Rome.

Wow, so each course is pretty much dedicated to my major in a roundabout way. Go me! The only sad thing about this schedule is the fact that I will have Wednesday classes. Somehow, until this schedule, I've managed to not have classes on Wednesday, but both Greek and World Arch will be on Wednesday. Oh wells, it was fun while it lasted.

Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday was Tuesday (8th) and it was awesome! Yay for 20! :D

Well, it was a wonderful day I must say, and I'm so proud of myself because I went to all of my classes. (What a great student I am.) It was so funny because my Greek class sang the birthday song to me in Greek. I was giggling so much. It was adorable to see my little old man professor and the guys sing it. Made my day!

I also got to finally open the package my family sent and it didn't disappoint. I was squeeing so much while I opened the gifts inside (they even sent water guns for me and my friends to have fun with in the hot weather!). I was on the phone simultaneously with my sister (because it's her b-day as well) so we could open our gifts and experience the others reaction. I got her Pride and Prejudice on DVD and a book about Tristan and Isolde (although my mom lost the package the book was sent in so I don't know if my sister has gotten it yet...>_< my mom is notorious for losing gifts. I told her just to give the package to Lauren but noooooo.). My sister got me the Wicked books and wrote stuff on the inside cover. It was so sweet because the first book said something along the lines of "I hope you always 'defy gravity'" which is a reference to the musical based on the book. Meg also wrote a Wicked reference on her card referring to the song 'For Good.' So, I guess you could say it was a wicked birthday. Pun intended. Hehe.

Also, much thanks to my great lj friend and fellow Classic enthusiast prozacpark for the sweet lj gift she sent me. You rock my socks! It made me squeal all joyfully! ;)



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